Pastel 50’s heaven with the cows outside


We visited Weesp (Amsterdam) for this amazing holiday location at the Honswijck farm. Completely in pastel 50’s style! Off course Sugarcoated had to check this out so Bo and Viv went to hit the road…

And what would be a great way for us to test this location? Photoshoot time! After some nice relaxt hair and make-up time at the dinner table (with music in style form the record player) we started off our shoots at the bedroom and kitchen.

img_3410lowres  img_3224editlowres

Unfortunately the daylight left us in the dark pretty soon so time for a nice home made dinner, quality time and a great night’s rest.

Next morning! Breakfast is served, what a luxury. Make-up and hair back in style and time to check the stables. Its was pretty much freezing outside but Bo was a trooper and doesn’t she looks good in het cow girl outfit?!


Time to go. A little bit of vintage shopping in Amsterdam on the way back.



Would you also love to stay the night here? You can!

You can now win a free stay for one night and breakfast at this amazing location & a Sugarcoated Vintage Style Guide book! For more info about this check our facebook page. On Sunday the 5th of feb we will announce the winner.

Yes it’s clear. We love this place! Below a nice video without our heads in the way 😉