“I am here for the raw and vulnerable”

Hi, I'm Vivian

I am a 37 year old photographer for over 10 years now with an urge to do it all a little bit different. I never really fit in and I am totally comfortable with that. Everybody loves the underdog right?! Or maybe the underdog isn’t the underdog at all HA!

People say I am an energetic photographer and I make lots of jokes but it’s also very easy to go into depth with me. My emotions are very high on the surface so don’t be surprised if I share a tear with you. My photography has evolved over the years from studio work to more of a natural light documentary style with movement. I am very much into that voyeuristic vibe.

I just love love!

I live in Dordrecht with my Husband Edwin (better known as @Edjekroketje) and our dog Bas (#Terrorbas).

We bought an old home from 1906 and we went all the way in styling this special place. Imagine an old English style Mancave, a fully Pink Hollywood Regency style Girlcave and a very eclectic livingroom with art from all the different cultures/countries we travelled.

I love to escape the Dutch winter time and visit destinations like Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand and coming up later this year Sri Lanka! 

-x- Viv

“Let’s break some rules or even better let’s create our own”

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Pin-up powerrr!

A project I am very dedicated about is organizing @MissPinupBenelux. I started this contest after my own participation at the Viva Las Vegas pin-up contest in 2016 where I ended up on stage crowned 2nd runner-up. This whole experience was so much more powerful than I expected. By doing new and very scary things I really lifted my self confidence. Also getting to know others who love the same (life)style as me and sharing this experience with them made it so much more…

I really wanted to offer this opportunity to the Benelux pin-ups and here we are now 3 extremely successful editions later with sold out finals. Great party’s with an amazing live band, lots of dancing, performances by the contestants and lots of laughter. A safe space for everybody to come as you are/want and a goooood excuse to dress up! I could not be more proud. Stay up to date and make sure to follow the @MissPinupBenelux instagram. 

Pics by Eva Schweizer

“I am extremely passionate about making others feel comfortable, confident and empowered”