“I am here for the raw and vulnerable”

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Hi, I'm Vivian

I am a fulltime photographer for over 10 years and I have the urge to do it all a little bit different. I never really fit in and I that is perfectly fine to me. Everybody loves the underdog right?! Or maybe the underdog isn’t the underdog at all HA!

They say I am an energetic photographer and I make lots of jokes but it’s also very easy to go into depth with me. My emotions are very high on the surface so don’t be surprised if I share a tear with you.

My photography has evolved over the years from studio work to more of a natural light documentary style. I am very much into that voyeuristic ‘fly on the wall’ vibe and as a contrast the in your face paparazzi style. Whatever suits the moment!

A modern gypsy!

Where do I live? I am a 38 year old modern gypsy you could say. I have this huge urge to feel ‘free’. Traveling has always been one of my biggest passions and Spain has a special place in my heart. 

Pretty much every other month I will visit the Netherlands and Belgium for scheduled photoshoots/weddings and off-course quality time with my family and friends.

Contact me and we will make your shoot happen in Spain, the Netherlands or Belgium but you can def tempt me to go pretty much everywhere in the world!    

-x- Viv

foto's ik recent

“Let’s break some rules or even better let’s create our own”

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Pin-up powerrr!

A project I am very dedicated about is organizing @MissPinupBenelux. I started this contest after my own participation at the Viva Las Vegas pin-up contest in 2016 where I ended up on stage crowned 2nd runner-up. This whole experience was so much more powerful than I expected. By doing new and very scary things I really lifted my self confidence. Also getting to know others who love the same (life)style as me and sharing this experience with them made it so much more…

I really wanted to offer this opportunity to the Benelux pin-ups and here we are now 3 extremely successful editions later with sold out finals. Great party’s with an amazing live band, lots of dancing, performances by the contestants and lots of laughter. A safe space for everybody to come as you are/want and a goooood excuse to dress up! I could not be more proud. Stay up to date and make sure to follow the @MissPinupBenelux instagram. 

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“I am extremely passionate about making others feel comfortable, confident and empowered”