“Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else”

Styled Shoots: Wedding theme

Would you love to be an amazing wedding photographer and do you need help with creating a portfolio to start booking customers? Are you already a wedding photographer but would you like to attract couples with a more unique style? Would you like to go next level?!

Our styled shoots with real couples as our models are amazing for creating new content and boosting your website and social media. Stand out from the crowd, be different from all those other wedding photographers! Are you ready for the success that will come your way after this event?

Please note the pics used on this page are not made by me. They are shown to inspire you and were found on Pinterest.

1st pic right by BJ Matthews
2nd pic left by Amy Faith Photography

Styled Shoots: Weddings

Invest in yourself!!

Wednesday 20 september 2023

Location: Weesp + transfer by us to the shoot location


excl. 21% VAT

It’s going to be amazing!! Two completely different setting with a fully styled alternative couple in every setting, a background and props to match the theme, amazing cakes and floral deorations so lots of options to shoot a big variety of different images! You will take your pictures in small groups of max 4 photographers so no stress and full focus on your work.

it will be a very intimate event!

This day starts at 13.30 and ends at 19.00

The Settings

Setting 1: Sugarsweet Love

50’s vibes in a pastel colorful palette
with a vintage caravan

Mary Costa Photography, Bonnie Blooms, Ruffledblog

Setting 2: Let’s Rock This

Badass Rockabilly vibes
with an oldtimer

BJ Matthews, Pine and Birch Photography, Hochzeitswahn, Altwedding

1st pic left maker unknown
2nd pic right by Bonnie Blooms

How does it work?

During this day we will shoot 2 completely different settings/couples with within those 2 settings lots of smaller settings to make sure you can shoot SO MUCH divers content.

All styled to perfection and different from the wedding promo pics you see so much already. We will use our 10+ years of vintage, pin-up and rockabilly experience to give you the best shoot experience. 

Our styled shoots are with small groups so there is lots of time, space and personal attention for everyone. No mass production!


Let's do this!

Email me now and join this amazing day! 

Prepare yourself

We have 9 tips for you!


Bring your camera, lens(es), batteries, memory cards AND also a notebook and a pen.


Charge your batteries beforehand and always carry backup batteries with you.


Make sure you bring empty memory cards and bring more than one for sure.


Try to describe your specific style to yourself in your notebook so you can hold on to this info during the shoot day not to get lost in the moment to much and lose yourself (your style) in it.


Research your preferred settings in different (light) situations such as outdoor sunny, outdoor cloudy and indoor daylight. Write them down in your notebook.


Research the 2 settings that we offer, the moodboards and really try to get in the mood for these settings.


Create different moodboards with poses you love (sitting, standing, close, full body, one person, couple) so you come prepared with inspiration. This will save your ass in cade of a blackout.


Make a shotlist in your notebook of preferred type of shots you would love to make of each setting. Such as detail shots location, detail shots couple, couple close, couple full, bride alone, groom alone etc. To make sure you will not forget anything. Also remember yourself to create a nice variation of horizontal and vertical shots. 


Bring happy vibes and loads of energy to this big day! It is such a special experience to share with each ther, we can’t wait! Let’s make this magic happen all together.